The Jaguar E-Type – Fast, Beautiful and Affordable

January 7, 2023 0 Comments

jag etype

The jag e-type is not only one of the most beautiful cars in the world, it’s also a serious contender for the fastest. And yet, despite its incredible good looks, the E-type’s biggest selling point is that it is not only seriously quick, but affordable too.

The genesis of the jag e-type dates back to 1957 when Jaguar’s technical director William Heynes, a veteran of Le Mans winning D-type racers, proposed a new sports car to Sir William Lyons, then CEO of Jaguar. The first concept (E1A), built as a development mule, combined the D-type’s monocoque chassis design with the well proven XK engine and fully independent rear suspension.

Launched in 1961, the jag e-type established itself as one of the fastest production cars money could buy. Test results in British motoring magazines put 0-to-60-mph times at 7.1 seconds, and top speed was 149.1 mph, with the E-type also setting a new record for 0-to-100 mph.

Jaguar E-Type Road Trip: Exploring the Open Road in a Classic Sports Car

Even today, the jag e-type is a highly valued classic, commanding sky-high prices for the year and condition it’s in. A 1965 Series 1 example, for instance, can go for around $225,000.

Another high-profile example recently sold for $1 million. This stunning E-type is from Eagle Cars, which does a full restomod on the E-type, and adds performance enhancing features.

As a rule, most drivers will find the jag e-type greatly enhances their driving abilities. Non-racing amateurs will be pleasantly surprised at how much more they can handle, while those who have a more competitive bent will find the jag e-type to be a potent, reliable road tool.

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