3G Pitch Resurfacing

October 15, 2023 0 Comments

3G Pitch Resurfacing

The number one choice when choosing a synthetic football pitch is the third generation (3G Pitch Resurfacing) surface that has a specialist combination infill of rubber crumb and sand. This infill helps to protect the grass carpet and provide the perfect ball role that makes the game of football so enjoyable.

As with all artificial surfaces, they need a certain level of maintenance both in house and from a professional maintenance contractor. A general rule of thumb is that one hour of maintenance is required for every ten hours of use. This is to ensure the surface is kept in the best condition possible for play, and the appearance is maintained to a high standard.

Revitalize Your Play Area: A Guide to 3G Pitch Resurfacing

Insufficient maintenance can lead to the contaminating of the rubber crumb and sand infill. The contaminated infill can then affect drainage and lead to the surface becoming heavily ‘harder’ as the sand is not being replaced or the performance of the rubber infill is not being restored. The infill can also become ‘clogged’ by organic material such as soil and broken fibres which can clog the carpet drainage holes.

This will lead to reduced playing characteristics and eventually require a full pitch resurfacing of the existing synthetic surface. This can be expensive and therefore it is important that a replacement fund or sinking fund is put in place to cover the costs of resurfacing a full-sized 3G football pitch or MUGA area. This will allow the club to resurface at a cost that can be easily afforded and avoid costly delays in providing a top quality playing surface for their players.

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