Ways to Reduce Electricity and Gas Bills

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Ways to Reduce Electricity and Gas BillsSaving as much money as you can is a good way of coping with the current financial climate. It is also a way of minimizing your costs so that you can make additional investments. The good thing is that saving money is not a difficult endeavor. Rather, you just need to find ways to reduce electricity and gas bills. Here are some of them.

Turn On Your Devices When You Need Them

A common mistake that most people make is to leave their electrical devices on standby mode as they do other things. In fact, many of them choose to hibernate their TVs, computers, game consoles, or home theater systems when they go to sleep. They do not know that these devices consume a lot of power when left in such a state. For example, did you know that phone charger uses 5% of the power drawn from it to charge a cell phone? More than 95% of the energy drawn from it goes to waste because people leave it plugged into a live electrical socket.

Replace Your Old Electrical Appliances

Ways to Reduce Electricity and Gas BillsRefrigerators manufactured more than a decade ago consume a lot of power. The same goes for other devices such as microwaves, electrical cookers, blenders, dishwashers and hot water kettles. Remember, people were less aware of the dangers of energy consumption during those days than they are today. That means the products manufactured years ago lack the same energy standards as those produced today.

For example, energy ratings for most electrical appliances are a decade or so old. Furthermore, these ratings keep improving as time progresses. Therefore, it is likely that the most recent appliance with the highest energy rating is the best for low energy consumption in your home. Using your devices correctly can also save you a lot of power. Did you know that reducing the brightness of your PC by just 30% cuts down your monitor’s energy use by 20%?

Use Your AC System Properly

Your air conditioning system is convenient because it helps you fight off the cold at night and excessive heat during the day. However, it can also lead to an increase in your energy bill if you do not use it properly. For instance, do not leave it on in a room if you are not there. Unfortunately, many people keep it running in the bedroom or in the kitchen even when they are not there. You should not make the same mistake. Wearing warm clothing instead of turning up your AC system reduces your monthly energy bills as well.

Make Improvements to Your Home

Ways to Reduce Electricity and Gas BillsThe design of your home matters when it comes to the amount of energy you consume as you live in it. Did you know that insulating your ceilings and walls will reduce your AC bills by 30%? Replacing single-glazed windows with ones that have double-glazing is also a good idea. Plant trees outside your home so that they can give you some shade when the heat becomes unbearable. The color you use to paint your house should also reflect the kind of climate found in your area. For example, a bright color is suitable for a hot climate while a dark one is good for cold ones.