Top 5 Green Vehicles In The World

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Emissions from cars pollute the atmosphere with harmful particles and gasses. For example, vehicles emit 50% of the nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide found in the air. They also emit 25% of the harmful hydrocarbons that pollute the atmosphere. The answer to this problem is a green car. This kind of vehicle produces a significantly low amount of pollutants.

In some cases, it does not emit any particles at all. The fuel a green car uses determines how environmentally friendly it is. These vehicles can be electric, hybrid, or solar. They can also run on hydrogen. Here are the top 5 green vehicles in the world starting with the ones that are the most affordable.

1. The Toyota Prius

Top 5 Green Vehicles In The WorldThis car goes for $$24,685. It runs on a 1.8 Liter Four-Cylinder engine with 121 horsepower. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) rates it as the cleanest car sold in America. This hybrid vehicle runs on both electricity and gasoline. First sold in 1997 in Japan, it is now available in over 90 markets worldwide. The best part about this car is that it has plenty of room for you and your family. It offers you a comfortable ride and it can last for a relatively long time without refueling.

2. The Nissan Leaf

Top 5 Green Vehicles In The WorldThe starting price for this car is $29,010. It runs on 360-Volt Lithium-Ion battery, which has a range of 84 to 107 miles. You can charge this battery from zero to 80% in under 30 minutes if you use fast DC charging. A Nissan Leaf is one of the most cost-effective cars to drive. For example, it would cost you as little as $3.48 for a trip that covers 100 miles if the cost of electricity if 12 cents for every KWh. It is important to note that the Nissan Leaf does not produce tailpipe pollution or greenhouse gasses because it is an electric car.

3. The Chevrolet Volt

Top 5 Green Vehicles In The World

Chevrolet Volt comes at a cost of $33,220. It has a 149 horsepower engine making it quite a power vehicle for a green car. Its electric range covers 38 miles gasoline, but it can run for 380 miles when its gas engine acts as like a generator. This car has five seats so there is plenty of room for you and your family members. You can charge the battery from using an outlet inside your home making it quite convenient for use by consumers. The largest market for this car is the US with more than 100,000 units sold in America.

4. The BMW i3

Top 5 Green Vehicles In The WorldThis car goes for $42,400 and it has a 170 horsepower engine. The range for this vehicle is 160 kilometers for the 60Ah battery, but up to 20 kilometers when it is running in an efficient mode. In July this year, BMW unveiled a new model of this car that has a 94Ah battery. That means the new range for this model would be 300 kilometers. The EPA recognizes the BMW as the most efficient car certified by the agency. It is important to note that this car does not produce any emissions at all. It is now one of the bestselling electric cars in history.

5. The Tesla Model S

Top 5 Green Vehicles In The WorldThis car comes at a price of about $69,900. The Tesla Model S is a five-door electric vehicle with a 329 to 691 horsepower engine. This car has an electric range of 210 to 270 miles. It is the fastest accelerating vehicle in production today. The leading market for the Tesla Model S is the US, which buys 60% of these cars. Other countries keen on purchasing this vehicle include Norway, China, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands. Car & Driver, a renowned magazine on vehicles, referred to the Tesla Model S as the Car of this Century.